The Meteorological Services Department wishes to alert the public of potentially heavier rain that should affect much of Matabeleland North and Midlands Provinces, Bulawayo and Harare Metropolitan Provinces, all Mashonaland Provinces, Manicaland Province as well as north of Masvingo Province from Saturday 3 to Monday 5 February 2018. Meteorological explanation The expected rainy situation is a combination of the presence of the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone aided by convergence resulting from pressure rises along the South African east coast. Added to this combination is the heating around midday, which further enhances rainfall activity. Expected weather from Saturday 3 to Monday 5 February 2018 Along and north of the watershed as well as the Eastern Highlands and some areas of Masvingo Province, rainfall in excess of 50mm in 24 hours is highly probable. This is especially more so between Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 February. Please note: The Department cherishes and applauds the excellent partnership that is currently obtaining with the media fraternity. Warnings and alerts are a collective effort. In addition, the Department is extremely grateful to the generality of the public at large, which feed us with information in their locality. This is important, as we are not everywhere. May this continue! 

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